Our Breastfeeding Journey: Is It Over?

If you read my Breastfeeding: When do you stop? then you will know that Alfie used to be a booby monster and I thought that our breastfeeding journey was maybe coming to an end then. We are now two months down the line. Alfie fed like crazy after I published that post, typical hey? But this week has been very different. He’s fed twice in a week, one day out of seven. I think this is it. I think this is the end of our breastfeeding journey. Continue reading “Our Breastfeeding Journey: Is It Over?”


Fox Family Time #1

I’m going to be writing a post once a week about something that we’ve done as a family the previous week. It’s something that, as a family, we need to be more proactive about. We need to spend more quality time together.

Continue reading “Fox Family Time #1”

When is the ‘right time’ to have another baby?

Is there a right time to have a second baby? Is it 1 year after? 2 years after? What is the perfect age gap?

I’m a mum of one. I’m absolutely certain that I want another baby but I have no idea when. I’m massively broody, that’s just the kind of person I have always been, and probably always will be. View More: http://waynerowephotography.pass.us/alfie_photos

How can this not make you broody?!

So deciding that we wanted a brother or sister for Alfie was easy. What’s not so easy is deciding when to start trying… Continue reading “When is the ‘right time’ to have another baby?”

Breastfeeding: When do you stop?

After a rough start with breastfeeding I never thought we’d be where we are now. 19 months down the line and Alfie is still a “Booby Monster!”. I think if he had the option he’d be breastfed for the rest of his life… Okay so maybe I am exaggerating a little bit! Continue reading “Breastfeeding: When do you stop?”

“Some things happen for a reason”

A few months before I was due to go back to work, we started the terrifying task of looking for a childminder for Alfie. We struck lucky. Or so we thought. We found a lovely childminder that Alfie seemed to like and was available for what we needed.

You can read all about our search for Childminder no 1 and my guilt of going back to work here.

Unfortunately, just four and a half weeks after Alfie started with that childminder we had a text message, yes a text message, saying that she could no longer care for Alfie due to having a bad back and she would be terminating our contract immediately.

Nightmare! Continue reading ““Some things happen for a reason””

Birthday Celebrations – Cake Smash Chaos

10 days to go…

In the run up to Baby Fox’s FIRST BIRTHDAY I’m going to be catching up on the year and letting you join in on his celebrations! There is going to be a lot of Baby Fox spam!

A few weeks ago Alfie’s baby friends Faye and Erin had a cake smash photo shoot. I LOVED the photos and decided that I would like Alfie to have one too. Bring on the mess! Continue reading “Birthday Celebrations – Cake Smash Chaos”

The importance of baby friends

A while back I wrote a post on The importance of Mummy Friends and since having Alfie I have really appreciated having mummy friends. Although we now don’t see each other as much, stupid maternity leave not going on forever, we have a Whatsapp group that we constantly use (sorry daddys!) and it’s invaluable for me and Alfie. Continue reading “The importance of baby friends”

30 weeks / 7 months update

So after my blogging break I thought it would be best to go back through my drafts and post relevant blog and milestone posts!

June saw Alfie hit 7 months old. A very busy month for a 7 month old… Continue reading “30 weeks / 7 months update”